SBI’s 10 ATM safety mantras

SBI’s 10 ATM safety mantras

State Bank of India (SBI) has given some tips to its customers on ways to keep their money safe. The largest lender of the country has time and again shared tips of safe banking practices with its customers. SBI has recommended that customers should conduct ATM transactions in complete privacy in order to avoid any ATM-cum-debit card fraud. “Your ATM CARD & PIN are important. Here are some tips to keep your money – safe & secured,” SBI tweeted.

SBI has shared some tips on safe banking at ATMs:


1) Use your hand to cover the keypad while using an ATM card at the ATM or POS machine.

2) Never share your PIN/Card details.

3) Never write the PIN on your card.

4) Do not respond to text messages, emails or calls asking for your card details or PIN.

5) Do not use number from your birthday, phone or account number as your PIN

6) Dispose or safely put away your transaction receipt.

7)Look for spy cameras before you start your transaction

8) Beware of keypad manipulation, heat mapping while using the ATM or POS machine.

9) Protect yourself from someone stealing your PIN behind your shoulder

10) Make sure to sign up for transaction alerts……Read More>>


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