Reliance Jiopostpaid plan with unlimited calls, 25GB data at Rs 199 per month launched

Reliance Jiopostpaid plan with unlimited calls, 25GB data at Rs 199 per month launched

Reliance Jio has announced a new postpaid service, JioPostpaid. To be available for subscription starting May 15, the service comes with various options like ‘Zero-Touch’ service, as well as national roaming, international calling and international roaming plans. Among other things, consumers from any service can retain their number as they switch to JioPostpaid.

Those subscribing to JioPostpaid will receive pre-activated services without any interruptions, as part of the company’s Zero-Touch experience. This includes voice, internet, SMSes and international calling. Effectively, consumers will be able to get unlimited plans, with an Auto-Pay feature, that ensures zero-click payments. In addition, users can check e-bills in real time, with an email notification at the end of every month. Under the Zero-Touch, JioPostpaid users will get a new feature called Always-On.


Among its introductory plans, JioPostpaid will offer an unlimited pan-India monthly plan worth Rs 199, that will offer 25GB data. Reliance will also provide premium subscription of all Jio Apps. These rates are considerably lower than the cheapest plans from Vodafone or Airtel. Both Airtel’s postpaid services and Vodafone RED provide services from Rs 499. Also, JioPostpaid subscribers can consider international voice calling from 50p per minute, and this rate will apply for US and Canada. These calling rates will not include any service charges, and will be offered without the need for a security deposit amount.

JioPostpaid international roaming plans

JioPostpaid’s international roaming services will be made available under one-click activation, without additional charges. These packs will offer unlimited data and voice benefits across circles. Among its new plans, JioPostpaid is offering a 2-2-2 plan, that offers voice calls at Rs 2/min, data at Rs 2/MB, and SMSes at Rs 2. With the 10-10-10 roaming plan, JioPostpaid users will get these services at Rs 10. Users will be able to get JioPostpaid connections at home, which can be activated on the spot. Reliance has also promised an e-KYC verification process, that will be completed within 5 minutes.


Source by indianexpress